Monday, 16 March 2009

Rules and Point Scoring

Trumper/Barclay Fantasy Formula One League

Rule 1:
Each Team buys Two Drivers and a Constructor Team.

Rule 2:
There is a limit of £ 250,000,000 in total for the constructor and drivers.It is up to each team who they buy but the £250,000,000 limit can not be exceeded.

Rule 3:
In the event of a draw at the end of the season a tiebreaker will be used. On the entry form you are asked to guess the total sum of laps completed in the season by the drivers. We are not looking for the personal total of each driver but the collective total of all the drivers. There are 17 Grand Prix this season and 20 Drivers.

Rule 4:
If your driver or constructor has to retire from the formula one championship then you are allowed to select another driver or constructor of similar value as long as your total of £250,000,000 for the two drivers and constructor has not been exceeded. The point total of that driver or constructor will only be taken from the time of change and will be added on to the previous total of your original selection.

Rule 5:
You can not transfer drivers or constructors during the season unless they are forced to drop out of the championship (see rule 4).

Point System:
Points are allocated after each of the 18 Grand Prix.

1st – 10 points
2nd – 8 points
3rd – 6 points
4th – 5 points
5th – 4 points
6th – 3 points
7th – 2 points
8th - 1 point
If your driver fails to finish in the top 7 no points are awarded.
If your driver fails to finish a race you will be deducted 2 points

1st and 2nd for both constructor team drivers – 20 points
Podium finish for both drivers – 15 points
1st and a points finish for both constructor team drivers – 10 points
Podium and a points finish - 9 points
Podium and no points finish - 8 points
Both Constructor drivers finish in the points – 6 points
One Constructor driver in the points – 4 points

Entry Requirements:

Each team can only enter one team.
Competition fee is £10 per team.
The winning pot will be decided once all teams have been entered

To keep an eye out on the league table please visit:

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