Sunday, 5 April 2009

Standing After Malaysian GP

1. The Zoom Zooms - 40pts
2. Eddies Angels - 38pts
3. Speedy Business Socks - 27pts
4. Flying Cougars - 24pts
5. G-Force - 22pts
6. The Braised Faggots - 19pts
7. Formula Win - 13pts
7. Pink Tights Kick Ass Roller Skating Team - 13pts
9. Get Out My Way - 7.5pts
10. 3,2,1 Joe! - 6.5pts
10. Leggy Blonde - 6.5pts
12. JLAL - 5pts

Total Laps so far - 1560


  1. Could F1 get any more complicated? Did you ever think it was going to give you so much numbrer crunching?

  2. I love it!
    F1 has been amzing this year.
    Role on China
    just hope ferrari pick up or we shall have a run away winner in the Zoom Zooms.

  3. As for number crunch it aint hard as i wrote formulae in excel to do all the math for me. all i do is enter the result.

  4. Does it make me sadder than you that I'm impressed with your excel formual skills!?

    Come on the Red Devils!!!

    Emma x

  5. It's 3,2,1 Joe not 1,2,3 Joe!
    change it please!